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Machining Capabilities

Multi-Spindle Machines

Acme & Euroturn 6/32

  • Maximum O.D. 0.125″ to 2.625″
  • Length up to 5 inches (2.625″ machines can go up to 7″ OAL.)

Multi-spindle machines can run hex or round material but cannot cross drill, mill flats or mill slots.  This work can be completed on our secondary machines.   Our multi-spindle machines are fast and cost-effective for bulk precision product.

CNC Lathes

Hardinge Elite II-8/51, Tsugami SS32, Tsugami BE20, Tsugami BO32

  • Maximum O.D. .050″ to 2″
  • Length can rear eject parts, therefore there are no overall length limits

Live tooling on the CNC’s make most operations possible.  These machines can hold very tight tolerances in a better than 32mi surface finish.

CNC Vertical Mill

Bridgeport GX 1000

  • Travel 40″ x 21″ x 21″

The vertical mill cuts parts from “blanks” that can be any shape or size.  CNC vertical mills can perform almost any operation required within its travel range.


D2 Escomatic

  • Maximum O.D. .015″ to .125″
  • Length up to 4 inches

Escomatics make pins and electrical leads.  They can turn down to make parts that have various outside diameters, grooves and shoulders.  Escomatics can put chamfers, radius and flat ends on parts.  They are are affordable to set up and run, but cannot do ID drilling, cross drilling or milled flats.


Oasis Inspection System

  • Apex Comparator
  • Kodak Contour Projector
  • Granite Surface Plates
  • Mitutoyo Digital Comparator
  • Bendix Profilometer
  • Automated Vision Inspection
  • Automated Gauging Machines
  • Various Gages, Plugs and Threads-Standard and Specials

Automation Equipment

Fully Automated Liquid Thread Sealant Application System and Semi-Automated Assembly Machines


  • Steel- 1020 tubing, 1018, 1144 & 4140 (Good) and 1215 & 12L14 (Best)
  • Brass- 360 (Best), Phos Bronze (Best), most copper, bronze and brass are “Good” or “Best”
  • Aluminum- 6061 & 2011 (Best)
  • Stainless- 303 (Best) and 17-4, 304L, 316L & 416 (Good)
  • Exotics-Tool Steel, Hastelloy, Iconel, Monel and plastics are available on CNC applications only.

Additional Services

  • Cutting off and end working for facing, ID/OD chamfering, threading, tapping, centering, drilling, turning, marking, reaming, tapering and others.
  • Completely equipped to design and manufacture our own tools and fixtures.
  • Local government approved sources for heat treating, plating, anodizing, brazing, ultrasonic inspection, grinding, etc.
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