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AMi Rotary Dials (Assembly Machines, Inc.)

ami The AMi brand product line is ideally suited for high volume assembly of small parts. The AMi chassis´ are standard and field proven.  The cam driven rotary dial machines are referred to as the; AMi/1, AMi/2, and the AMi/4. Each machine utilizes standard off the shelf tooling for pick and place, probe, orient and shuttle  just to name a few.  These tooling packages are interchangeable between the three (3) chassis´. Cycle rates range from 10cpm to 65cpm. The AMi product line has been in existence since 1973 and there are over 900 machines in the field. The AMi assembly machine never becomes obsolete.  There have been hundreds of machines retooled because of product design changes or machines that have been completely rebuilt for a brand new product.