Machining Testimonials - Great Lakes Automation Services, Inc

Machining Testimonials

Amanda Bent Bolt

“Clifton has always provided us with good service, good response time on quotes and has always met our delivery time.”

John Windland

Arvin Meritor

“Great company, goes out of the way for the customer. Refreshing to work with a pro-active company.”
Darrin Oates

PHB, Inc.

“Quality is very good, excellent service; couldn’t ask for better! Clifton’s people are outstanding and super at communication.”

Dave Stafford


“No problems with quality, service or people. Response time is always good and the people are always friendly and efficient.”

Steve Noullet

Betts Industries

“We are totally satisfied with Clifton and their products!”

Kathy Russell

Combined Systems

“Great service and everything is done in a timely fashion. They have very good pricing compared to the competition. Clifton has a good set up and is always clean and neat. Clifton is one of our top suppliers.”

Jennifer Kockolek

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